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Are you looking for Histamine Intolerance treatment in Ottawa?

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We have extensive experience in treating Histamine Intolerance and have helped many clients using a Functional Medicine approach.

The best bit.

Unlike conventional medicine, which looks to suppress symptoms, a Functional Medicine approach seeks to identify and treat the triggers and underlying causes of Histamine Intolerance.

What are the triggers of Histamine Intolerance?

Through years of clinical experience, we have identified the principal triggers of Histamine Intolerance, including:

  • Chronic stress
  • Emotionally traumatic events
  • Food poisoning
  • Physically traumatic events such as concussions

Why is identifying triggers necessary?

Triggers, as the term implies, are events that start something.

At the same time, these events, if left unresolved, can allow the condition to continue.

For example, food poisoning can cause the formation of adhesions in the abdomen that provoke Histamine Intolerance.

What are the causes of Histamine Intolerance?

The causes are the mechanisms that provoke symptoms.

There are two main mechanisms that cause histamine intolerance, overactivation of mast cells and a reduction in the ability of body to breakdown histamine.

Common causes of overactivation of mast cells include:

  • Current chronic stress
  • Unresolved past emotional trauma
  • Unresolved physical trauma

Frequent causes of a reduction in histamine breakdown include:

  • Parasites
  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Chronic infections, such as Lyme disease.

How we treat Histamine Intolerance?

Histamine Intolerance Treatment involves resolving the unresolved triggers and existing causes.

We achieve this by using different treatment modalities to help the various issues.

For example, a person with Histamine Intolerance may have been triggered by an emotionally traumatic event that leads to the development of Histamine Intolerance.

The treatment would involve emotional treatment such as Energy Healing to resolve the traumatic event.

What other therapy modalities do we use in our Histamine Intolerance treatment?

The most common treatment modalities we recommend when treating Histamine Intolerance include:

  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Energy Healing Technique
  • Herbal medicine
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • PDTR
  • Visceral Osteopathy
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