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5 Simple Steps For Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease

In this article, we are going to talk about the five steps for overcoming chronic Lyme Disease. Overcoming Lyme disease is not as simple as just taking a pill or getting an injection. Lyme disease causes a disruption of every system in the body, and so you need to approach treatment from a lot of different angles. This approach is true in the treatment of my Lyme disease and is why I beginning to making progress and getting well.

1. Cleaning Up Your Diet

The first step is cleaning up your diet. Before my diagnosis, I was already on a relatively clean diet. I ate mostly organic grass-fed meats, eggs, wild fish and shellfish,  lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds and some fruit. Despite this good diet I still had to reduce the quantity of animal products. Animal products are acid-producing which promote the growth of Lyme bacteria in the body.

2. Stress Management

We live in a world that is rife with excessive stress. We are all on schedules, and we all have responsibilities we have to fulfil. Stress management is not about seeking to eradicate stress from our lives, that is impossible. Instead, managing stress is about learning to live around stress. Learning to live around stress will help to enhance your wellbeing. Managing your stress is a process and takes time to implement. Some strategies might include:

  • Learning how to quiet your brain through daily meditation
  • Learning how to structure your life through planning what you want your life to be like in the future

3. Clean Up Your Body and Environment

Many of my clients ask me about doing various detox programs. These programs only get rid of harmful bacteria from your colon and do not reduce the toxic load in your body. Rather than using cleanses you need to look first at cleaning up your environment including the air you breathe, the food you eat and the chemicals you put on your skin. A simple strategy you can try to help your body detox is spending more time in the clean air of nature.

4. Becoming Active Again

Lyme disease often causes extreme fatigue making exercise difficult.

Movement is important for generating stem cells that repair tissue and stimulating the production of endorphins that make you feel good and stimulate the healing systems in our body.

If you were very active before Lyme then do not try and go back to the same level straight away. Introduce exercise slowly by beginning with a gentle walk and then slowly build up.

Hence, several minutes of gentle exercise per day is better than none at all. I enjoy doing yoga especially Yin yoga which is gentle and restorative.

5. Treatment

Implementing the above four steps are crucial elements, but on their own, they are not enough to overcome Lyme disease.

As we discussed above one of the big things Lyme does to your body is to disrupt your immune system. The above four steps will help to strengthen your immune system, but you need to do more.

With Lyme disease to get your immune system back to working effectively, you need to suppress the bacteria. When talking about bacteria we are not only talking about Borrelia but also all other the co-infections, parasites and viruses. All these other opportunistic microbes also suppress your immune system.

Therefore, treatment should aim at lowering the numbers of all these microbes, known as the “bacteria load” by some Lyme doctors.

Antibiotics do not strengthen the immune system well because they disrupt all the normal bacteria in your body. On the other hand, herbs are the perfect medicine for treating the microbes.

Why are herbs the perfect medicine for Lyme?

Herbs in their natural environment have the same issues human do. They have to protect themselves against microbes.

Herbs produce a wide spectrum of antimicrobial substances protect themselves against many different microbes and insects. Furthermore, humans have been exposed to herbs for millions of years so they are not toxic to us and our bodies can break them down. For this reason, we can take herbs for a long time, for months and even years.

As well as reducing the “bacterial load” herbs also help reduce inflammation and normalising the immune system. Balancing your immune system is crucial as it is what you have to achieve for overcoming chronic Lyme disease.


This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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