Why Choose Dominick?

  • Dominick has been practicing Functional Medicine since 1997.  As a result, he brings a wealth of experience and diverse training to his treatments.
  • Dominick offers a holistic approach to Functional Medicine for toddlers, children, teensadults and older people.
  • He assesses the underlying (root) causes of your health concerns. For example, he examines your structure, biomechanics, inflammation, nutrition, and emotional and physical traumas.
  • Working with a diverse team of exceptional health care providers at the Complete Wellbeing Centre, each with unique skills, he will refer to others when indicated.

Get to the root of your and your family's health concerns and feel better now!



Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health
Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Dominick is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not his approach is right for you.
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Patricia Simms
Patricia Simms
My husband has been seeing Dominick Hussey for a period of about 2 months. Just prior to that, he was in hospital with renal failure and his quality of life was terrible. In constant allergic reaction, his body was overloaded with prescribed medications and more than fifty years of eating foods that made him sick. After treatment by Dominick and following a FODMAP diet, we are beginning to have a life again. Each day is greeted with enthusiasm, and the old guy is looking for adventure! Thank you for all you do, Dominick!
Laraine O'Brien
Laraine O'Brien
I was experiencing almost three weeks of near sleepless nights due to hours of seemingly untriggered itching. Dominick made himself available as soon as he could given my circumstances, and I instantly felt he took seriously my despair and desperation to resolve the issue. He was thorough, thoughtful and informative during our appointment, and I appreciated and admired that he took my past and present context into consideration toward a path to diagnosis. I wish that was the mainstream approach in healthcare! Highly highly recommend him. Definitely five star service. Thank you!
Viktoriya Zhilina
Viktoriya Zhilina
We've had great experience going to Dominick's center with my son who had eczema and cat allergy. I could never imagine that few sessions could treat such problems. But this is what happened - both issues are gone! Highly recommend!